Who can do this?

You can. You and your whole family.

If you’re a run­ner, then you will enjoy this race. You will enjoy our clearly marked route with friendly route direc­tors, and our race atmos­phere. We will again offer chip tim­ing. And there will be prizes. Who doesn’t love prizes?

If you’re not a run­ner, here’s what I want you to know:


If you’ve never run before, you CAN do it! (See the Couch to 5K train­ing sched­ule.)

But you’re wel­come to walk, or even crawl, across the fin­ish line. I’ll stay as long as it takes you to finish.

And I’ll cheer you on!

This is an event for every­one. And isn’t it time? It’s time for you to accom­plish more than you thought you could. It’s time for you encour­age oth­ers to do the same.

So start train­ing! You might feel like you’re going to die…I know that feel­ing well…but I have been deeply changed by becom­ing a run­ner. Not just changed phys­i­cally, but changed spiritually.

You will be too! Commit your­self and reg­is­ter today! You might be scared…a lot of us are when we start out…but if you are, this is the per­fect event for you!

  • Race directors

    Jennifer and Rusty Bacak,
    The RFC Team con­sists of Vince and Alice Lawrence, Cary Apel, Matt Upton, Jeremy Tarpley, and New Life Baptist Church.
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